Touring and Family

I've lived between London and various other cities for the past 5 years, so it's a bit surprising that I've never toured the major attractions in London. Last Friday, the fam and I decided to walk around Greater London. We met up at Waterloo and started with (the very obvious) London eye. 

 Seeing as London eye is right there on the south bank, we stayed a bit and watched street acts that are very common there (my favourite was sighting jack sparrow: see video below). 

We then crossed Westminster bridge to see Big Ben and afterwards walked down to trafalgar square. If you've never seen these attractions in London, I suggest you do since they are amongst the major tourist attractions in a city with so much history.  At this point, we were tired, sore and super hot (one of the hottest days in London this year).  We walked back to south bank to sit on the grass, eat and talk. I had some nice Spanish paella (hola espana!). Because it was hot and I knew we would be walking for hours, I wore a jumpsuit and comfortable sandals. I still have a bunch of places left to tour, so we may have to do another family tourist day soon.


Pearls of Style said...

Great to see where you got round to in the day! I love London

Krissie x -

Danielle said...

looks like a great time, i'm planning a trip back to london later this year!

danielle | avec danielle

Rakel said...

I live in London too! :D

Mlle Coconath said...

Love your dress! Cute pictures!
Mademoiselle Coconath